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Meet the Dares

We both love to travel, and there's 2 of us.  See what we did there?  

Whether it's traveling with family, traveling with a group, or even traveling with a group of families, we've done it all. Traveling with kids? Got it.  Traveling AS a kid? Been there too.  Whether you need help planning your very first trip, or you're just looking to learn some new tips, you've come to the right place!  We're excited to share what we've learned in our years of traveling, and we're excited to hear your stories, too! Let's travel together.   

~ Marley Dare Braun & Hayley Dare Braun

Meet Marley

I am a mom first, and a wandering (but not lost) soul second. 

Hi, I'm Marley,

I had a very narrow view of the world until I decided to study abroad in London for a semester in college.  The second I stepped off the plane, travel gave me a confidence I had never known.  It has always been the best gift I've ever received, and the best gift I can ever hope to leave my children.  Through my many adventures over the last 30 years of traveling, I have come home after every trip feeling inspired, renewed, and ready for the next challenge life gives me.

From the time my two children were old enough to be on a plane, I took them everywhere so that they would grow up and appreciate all that they have.  It was important for me that they would learn the same lessons that I learned:  spread community, kindness, empathy, and understanding to help make this world a better place.

My wish is to pass along my love of travel so that everyone feels confident and capable to step out of their comfort zone.  You don’t need to have a big budget or the perfect wardrobe or the latest gadget.  You just need a really good plan, an open mind and sense of adventure. A good pair of sneakers doesn’t hurt either!

Meet Hayley

I may not have inherited a ton of traits from my mom, but there’s definitely at least one; my love for travel. 

Hi everyone, I’m Hayley!

I graduated from Clemson this past year (go tigers!) with a degree in civil engineering. I’ve always traveled with my family, but was excited for even more opportunities to travel in college. This was everything from an Engineers Without Borders trip to Nicaragua, to a senior-year spring break in Key West with 18 girls.  I studied abroad in Spain one summer, and road tripped across the U.S. with my best friend the next. And of course, you can’t forget the countless Clemson away games & car rides.

I’ve been traveling from the time I was too young to remember it, and I haven’t stopped since. For me, not everything has to be an extravagant trip across Europe (don’t get me wrong... I loved every second of my extravagant trip across Europe). I just love seeing new places, meeting new people, and taking in new perspectives from all over the world.  

I started this blog because I want to share with people how easy it is to fall in love with travel. I’m so thankful that my mom started dragging me on vacation 20+ years ago, and I hope I can inspire you to do the same for the people in your life. That’s what this is all about anyways… traveling, together!

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